Her Birthday

It was no special day, for the world. The metro ran as usual, the dusty streets were still ugly. Yet it wasn't ordinary for her. How could it be ? It was her birthday. Her bhaiyya hasn't wished her. Her Di hasn't wished her.And the most unkindest cut of all, I haven't wished her.

The darkness in my room seemed to intensify with my friends snoring.Then I realised, it was my guilt, that was intensifying. And the darkness of guilt was inside me.I havent wished her !!

Then came fresh rays of hope. Enlighting me. However the galis that followed made me realise that I have woken up my snoring friend. And he has switched on the light.After showering enough galis, he felt satisfied and came over my lap-top.(Stop reading this you noob !) He stopped and asked.Oye, (as she often exclaims in her punjabi slang). Who the hell are you, Romeo ? And what is she ?

Wrong question ! Even I am yet to figure that out.

Okay, then came the next question. Who is she ?

Yes, he has asked something which might interest you too. The only thing I loved about Punjab was rotis, till I met her.Her complexion confused me at times. What was made from what ? Roti from her or she from Roti !! More mysterious was her name. She says her name is . But I call her Kun-< beeeeeeeeep, yes , same reason >.The more I learned about her, I understood the ultimate truth. Roti got the golden color from her heart, for she was so precious and true to the core. And she was just radiating this in her charm.

I was forced to call her then. And then came the beep sound. The sound that encroaches doubt in all relations. The sound that makes even the sita jaise naari go crazyy. ENGAGED tone !!!!!!!

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1 Response to Her Birthday

March 28, 2013

"Roti got the golden color from her heart, for she was so precious and true to the core"

Nice lines.. :)
Seems to be form your heart.. :)

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