A walk through the marine drive

"To be or not to be". I read a hording which glimmered in red light under the shades of the large building nearby.

"To be it's !! It's simple". Her answer came at twice the speed of my question.

Possibility A. You question her over the correctness of her answer. She would question back.You argue.She retorts.Fight.You have to resolve. Head ache and monetary loss over the surprise gift to be given!!

Possibility B. You don't question her. Blindly agree with her. She would ask for treat for the answer. You give it. Net result money loss 

Silence it has to be!!
That's what she taught me. To be silent and stop pampering her.

I kept silent. I was thinking.
Most of my friends would question when I say I am thinking. But I was doing it - 'thinking'. And my ever so fresh and unused brain came up with a super duper question. Unfortunately, back to myself.

"We all know it's to be. What is not clear is how to be". I exclaimed to myself.
She heard it and she couldn't believe I said this.She was aw-stuck.

"Jaw opener". She pampered and laughed at me
Gosh. I just gave in one of the best outputs of my mind, a real mind opener and she says it was a jaw opener. How offendeus !!.

The annoyed look worked.
"You do have a mind." She smiled,closing her wide-opened-jaw. And a nod of her head followed, confirming she meant it.

And yes,I saved my money. I have successfully averted possibilities A and B !!

I looked into her eyes, smiling. The twilight was painting red on her face, exposed by her loose hairs blown away by the sea breeze. Even the lawn of  marine drive seemed to blush at my stare.

"Don't you stare. Go ahead with your stupid ideology. That's better" she said giving a sheepish smile

"All of us are in pursuit of getting an answer for this". So I obliged

"What ? How to stop you stare" I was caught red handed ogling at the beautiful girl walking ahead of us

"No dear. How to be" I looked at her,rather casually. And continued
"For instance,How to be with you ?  How should I portray myself in-front of you. In-front of that girl in red T shirt or in-front of my boss. Or in-front your friends so that they don't say am bad"

"You don't have to"

I looked at her ,rather in a questioning manner.
She turned to me and said "Be yourself and don't portray dear
For portraits are never real but just idols.Idols break,always.But the real you stays.
Be yourself. If you are to be, be yourself"

It was getting dark and the street lights were already on. I was wondering whats was adding more light to my life. This girl in pink leaning on my chest or the yellow street light..

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December 23, 2012

Is it a real incident ?

December 25, 2012

You do have a gift

December 28, 2012

Nice.. :)

December 28, 2012
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August 15, 2014

thanks for information !!!!

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