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Pune Diaries Chapter 1 Bus No.202

As usual I woke up late. So typical of me. Still managed to reach Fatima Nagar bust stop by 8.30. Engineers efficiency, it has to be.

It's my first day to office and I couldn't afford to get late. Like all others at the bus stop I too waited for my bus. Anxiety and restlessness kept on building with time. I just flipped my hand and checked time on my watch. The realisation that I had the luxury of extra time allowed me to extend my glance, to the hustling and yet so self obsessed surroundings. The bus stop is crowded. Mostly with younger  generation, of all kinds. Pune is restless, as much as her relatively  younger population. And all her daughters are pretty. Still she manages to remain submerged in her own subtle busy business. Busy city and busy people .

Her Birthday

It was no special day, for the world. The metro ran as usual, the dusty streets were still ugly. Yet it wasn't ordinary for her. How could it be ? It was her birthday. Her bhaiyya hasn't wished her. Her Di hasn't wished her.And the most unkindest cut of all, I haven't wished her.

A walk through the marine drive

"To be or not to be". I read a hording which glimmered in red light under the shades of the large building nearby.

"To be it's !! It's simple". Her answer came at twice the speed of my question.

Possibility A. You question her over the correctness of her answer. She would question back.You argue.She retorts.Fight.You have to resolve. Head ache and monetary loss over the surprise gift to be given!!

Possibility B. You don't question her. Blindly agree with her. She would ask for treat for the answer. You give it. Net result money loss 

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