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Gabriella Pasqualotto, a native of South Africa, said she was no longer a member of the cheerleading team for Mumbai Indians after authorities discovered she was the anonymous blogger who wrote about the players.

Gabriella Pasqualotto was fired for revealing the other side of IPL players.Read her full blog article on healternativecricketalmanack

The parts in the blog mentioning Jonty , Smith and Morkel, the SA players and few asuusies apparently back fired on her. The controversial parts reading 
The likes of Jonty Rhodes and Albie Morkel are notorious for having a good time with friends!‘Ol Graeme Smith will flirt with anything while his girlfriend lurks behind him. The Aussies are fun but naughty, such as Aiden Blizzard and Dan Christian
 But this should be noted that she issued a clean chit to the indian players. maestro Sachin,Dhoni and few others 
 The few Indian players we have met, such as MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma have been very polite and keep to themselves in the dark corners. Hotshots like Tendulkar with families at home are never present.

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April 02, 2013

Hey Gabriella nice one getting things cleared thanks for the blog

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