I felt like writing, I wrote !! (Time and Tide didn wait for me, but the one who matters,DID)

She is beautiful, as beautiful as any. Yet so simple and stupid, has no rules to her life, and probably, no cares. But that wasn’t how she has been to me. She had always made me feel special, and kept challenging me. She has added new meanings & dimensions to my life. Like, early morning now means 7 O'clock for me, which used to mean 9!

Even now when I'm running short of ideas to write, she has come up with a cup of ideas. She calls it a coffee! That’s my girl, **mi. I started sipping on the hot coffee and slid into my memories. Memories always inspire me to write. Had always been so and her gentle head massage is working I guess.

She was just another relation for me, in college. For her too, I found out later! No wonder! She arguably was one of the best looking girl around. But I never thought it would grow to a level where you can anticipate her phone call seconds before she calls you! I ignored her at first. I ignored the ticking sounds of my watch and my own heartbeats, whilst I "chased other chicks" (as she just said). My hence busy schedule should have made me dumb and numb.

Three years flew away like a feather. The more I tried to avoid her the more I realised. I have fallen for her. It felt like falling onto a spider’s web knowing she's going to consume you! Did it? It rather felt like her ex-boy friend(s) standing in a queue and asking me " You too Brutus" and laughing aloud. (She has stopped massaging my head now and walked away with the cup. Another gesture, not a good one, I assure you!) 

Whatever they said, it was a relation hard to digest, for everyone. It was difficult to figure out if she was serious with the relation. Even I never knew if I loved her as much as the paparazzis in college hyped. I don't know if that was love. (I have seen guys saying "I love you" to three girls on the same day!)

The only thing I was sure was I wanted her in my life. So I decided to act. I realised I was missing her as each second swept by. So I‘ve gone for her.......
Wish I hadn’t. She keeps adding new sounds to my life too. The sound of tumbling glasses forced me to wind up my writing. I would have preferred the anger of a girl friend to the wrath of a wife. The first won’t render you starving in the morning after a silly fight! A marriage and a spiders cobweb aren't different, are they? She says that's okay, but the Brutus part is intolerable! I have to act now, real fast....

PS: Timely actions save waiting for the right tide. Trust me, you’ll feel all tides alike once you jump in. If you don't jump, you'll never see the right tide. As they say, time and tide waits for none. So what’s that you are waiting for?? Listen to your heart and follow it.Jump into life and live it!!

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5 Response to I felt like writing, I wrote !! (Time and Tide didn wait for me, but the one who matters,DID)

May 22, 2011

Missin something. The anand touch i knew

May 24, 2011

Nice post ! Wats her name

May 25, 2011

Just a post man !!

May 25, 2011

Actually wrote this in my phone while traveling. Came home n posted it here.

May 25, 2011

Actually i wrote this for my friend vinesh balans blog contest. Just a story, that's it !

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