Make folders invisible on your nokia phones

This is how you can hide folders in your mobile without any software.This is just a small trick for any java supported phone.
1) First of all create a folder and name it anything you like, with extension .jad. Say for example, yourname.jad . Now copy whatever you want onto this folder.

2) Next create a folder with the same name with extension jar.Say yourname.jar. You have to make sure that both the .jad and .jar folders have the very same name,including the case of letters used. 

3) Now you will see that the folder named yourname.jad is invisible and only the empty folder having yourname.jar exists ! So your required folder to be hidden is now hidden with jar extension.
4) Now removed the selected files from your image viewers or media player library to have them hidden in the media player or respective image viewer.How is it guys ??

Any doubts , do ask me ! Am always ready to help. And do leave your valuable suggestion ..

PS : What we are actually doing is that we are camouflaging our private folder into a .jad file ,which is like those system files in your computer which are hidden. So nobody sees them as long as the .jar folder exists.
Warning : Make sure you don't open either of the folders using any apps. This is most usable in case for phones which are not smart phones, wherein the processor dont have the capacityto judge between a folder and a system file

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3 Response to Make folders invisible on your nokia phones

April 11, 2011

Here's another one. But here the chances of unauthorised access is relatively higher

1)Right Click on the desktop.Make a new folder
2)Now rename the folder with a space(U have to hold ALT key and type 0160).
3)Now u have a folder with out a name.
4)Right click on the folder>properties>customize. Click on change icon.
5)Scroll a bit, u should find some empty spaces, Click on any one of them.
click ok Thats it,

April 29, 2011

I thin you got it wrong in the alt key part.
Its ALT 255 and not alt 0160

December 16, 2012

dude how do you access the files agn

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