Mumbai Indian Train Surfers : Crazy Guys

Wondering whats train surfing ? Watch this you tube video fisrt

Train surfing is one of the craziest "X-sport"  as these guys call it. Needless to say this crazy daredevilry has been performed by crazy youths across the globe. Believed to have been originated in South Africa, this sport which defies all senses of logic is a daredevil act. However it has claimed several lives in South Africa, India and various other countries

 This video shown above has gained popularity after a 13 year old (believe it or not) lost his one leg after attempting the same. According to the Mumbai police several such accidents from the overhead electric lines have been caused by such acts, even-though they don't have sufficient proof for the same.

Whats makes them do these  ?
According to a leading psychologist , this act & all related acts are psychological imbalances (he didn't use the word madness , see !) caused by adrenaline rush to attract the opposite sex ! Such people needs extra care as with any hyper active persona

Last but not least- The legal consequences :
Train surfing is a punishable offense in India and has been banned in several countries. Even if you dies doing so, you will have to pay the railway for tress-passing ! 

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