The tech blog, brand new blogger template

This is a all new blogger template developed by Anand Raj.  

Key Features :
  • Wide header banner which adapts company logo onto the given layout
  • Blog entries hidden from home page by default giving you a static landing page and separate blog page on blogger
  • Integrated Image gallery
  • Comment forms customizable with Disquss 
  • And its totally free !!

Editing the template : 
Go to blogger > Design > Edit HTML 

 1.Favicon :
 Is the smaal icon shown in browser tabs. Now upload any small icon you wish to add as favicon to blogger or elsewhere. Now get the image link. Now search in the HTML code editor window using following words-
YOUR FAV ICON URL. Replace the text (YOUR FAV ICON URL) with your link for favicon and save the template
 Now Go to blogger > Design > Page Elements 
2.HTML/Javascript (The widget you see on left side)
In the first HTML/JAvascript copy the following line
<h3>RECENT POSTS </h3>
and save the widget

3.HTML/Javascript (The widget you see on middle portion side)
Copy and paste the following piece of code (blue color) and edit where ever required

<p class='p1'>TECH BLOG is a free websites template created by team. This website template is optimized for 1024X768 screen resolution. It is also XHTML &amp; CSS valid.</p>
<p class='p1'>The original website template is adapted for blogger by me and is available for free for the readers of</p>
<p class='p1'>This blogger template doesnot show any posts on the home page. You should add a label blog with all your posts. All posts will be vissible as individual posts, and as blog when the blog tab is clicked</p>

<p class='p1'>All the gadgets yoiu see in the home page are fully customisable and replaceble. This is my own creation and so this is BRAND NEW on the web. Why dont yiou try it now</p>
<div class='wrapper'><a class='link1' href=' link'><em><b>Read More<span>Read More</span></b></em></a></div>

Now save the widget

4.HTML/Javascript (The widget you see on right hand side )
Copy and paste the following code in vboth HTML widgets you see there
<h3>your heading</h3>

5.Edit the deafult video and photo widgets
Its simple , you can do it youreslf . Any doubts ? Do ask me..

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5 Response to The tech blog, brand new blogger template

June 02, 2011


June 02, 2011

Thnx buddy :)

June 03, 2011

Beautiful and yet so simple blogger template !

June 21, 2011

I have seen the original web template IT world. Great job bro ! Am downloading this

June 30, 2012

Grogeous template design!Its simply awesome i like it...

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