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Key Features :
  • Simple and elegant designer template
  • Seperate landing and blog pages, each truely seperate and different
  • No flash and scripts used. So its simple and easy to load on any browser
  • Static left side bar
  • And as always, its totally adadptable and free
  • And extra fast loading as its super lite 

Editing the template :
Go to blogger => Design => Edit HTML
Favicon :
Is the smaal icon shown in browser tabs. Now upload any small icon you wish to add as favicon to blogger or elsewhere. Now get the image link. Now search in the HTML code editor window using following words-
YOUR FAV ICON URL. Replace the text (YOUR FAVICON URL) with your link for favicon

Menu bar
Search for
 <a class='nav' href='#'>about</a>
 <a class='nav' href='#'>contact</a&gt;
and replace the # with you link and about with your anchoring text. Do similarly wherever you have to edit

Home page / landing page
Search for each heading , for all the four posts and edit the text content with whatever you want to put

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