Andreas 04 blogger template with seperate home and blog pages on blogger

Key Features :
  • Andreas 04 web template, completely converted to blogger
  • Seperate landing and blog pages, each truely seperate and different
  • No flash and scripts used. So its simple and easy to load on any browser
  • .gif aninamted images link arows and header
  • Attractive fluid template
  • Strict table format
  • And as always, its totally adadptable and free
  • And fresh

Editing the template :

Go to blogger => Design => Edit HTML

Favicon :
Is the smaal icon shown in browser tabs. Now upload any small icon you wish to add as favicon to blogger or elsewhere. Now get the image link. Now search in the HTML code editor window using following words-
YOUR FAV ICON URL. Replace the text (YOUR FAV ICON URL) with your link for favicon

Image thumbnails :
Similarly,search for "thumbnail example" and you will see the following code
<a href='#index.html'><img alt='thumbnail example' height='80' src='' width='80'/></a>

Change #index.html to your desired address and to your desired post image link

Welcome para :
Search for "Your Welcome Page" and edit the text content and save you template

Search for "Authors notes- DO read this" edit what follows with your content.


Search for div id='menu'> You will see the following piece of code

<div id='menu'>
<a href=''>Home</a>
<a href=''>blog</a>
<a href='#index.html'>profile</a>
<a href='#index.html'>gallery</a>
<a href='#index.html'>portfolio</a>
<a href='#index.html'>contact</a>

Replace the heighlighted colors with your links desired and anchoring text

Sidebar links :
Same as above. Search for the headers provided.


PS :If any doubts do ask me here

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