April 5, 2011

April 5, 2011

I was walking home today, from the bus stop. Being the last working day of college life, I was confused.
I was immersed in thoughts and heard someone calling me from my back. I looked back I saw this man there. He was a friend of my father and hasn’t seen him since past 6 months. He was looking different with shaven head and wearing light coloured kurtas.

We walked along and he began speaking. I told him about today being the last day in college, my emotions etc. Heused to be a funny guy, but now seemed more childish. He spoke about his college love, how he married her. How my father helped him etc. But at times his stories seemed to lose continuity. Seemed like pieces of memoryrecollected. I kept on listening; his narrations were so lively that I missed a nursing college van and my +2 class mate in it! (Intensely listening, wasn’t I? My friend in it just texted me complaining about that-She waved and I didn’t)

He kept on talking and after few minutes I reached my home and he left. I invited him to my home, and he just
refused with a smile. The last words he told me seemed like an advice,
“Keep your mind and thoughts light, so that they can fly. Your life has just begun son "

I got home and told amma about him. Suddenly she seemed shocked and asked me “You saw him walking?? He was in RCC and is undergoing chemotherapy. He may die any day”!

I didn’t hear the rest she spoke. It seemed all like a buzz

My heavy heart got lighter. Everything else just vanished from me. It feels lighter after writing this
.If HE has hopes left, why not you??
-This is a real story and the man was a born genius in his school days. He’s having the cancerous growth is on hishead, some form of brain tumour

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